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Open a Bank Account in Portugal?

We help you make your dream of living in Portugal come true. With just three clicks, you will request the opening of a Portuguese bank account in order to start receiving your earnings in euros. Everything you need to start a new life in Europe.

6 years realizing Dreams in Portugal

Our Mission

We help foreigners to start their lifes in Portugal. We provide complete relocation services for foreigners in portuguese lands and the first step to make your dream come true is to open a bank account.


The Fastest and Easiest Way of Open a Bank Account in Portugal

With just these documents*, which you can send now, we will arrange the opening of a bank account for you in Portugal.

👉🏻 Passport
👉🏻 Proof of address
👉🏻 NIF
👉🏻 Proof of earnings

We work with one of the largest private banks in Portugal. With your bank account opened, you will have access to hundreds of branches and ATMs across the country. Our service fee includes the cost of signing certification by lawyers in Portugal and you will not need to authenticate or apostill any documents.

Easy and Fast

How It Works?

1. Payment

Your purchase is safe, your data is protected and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We'll provide you with all the instructions you need to make sure you get everything right.

2. Send Documents

After payment, we will send to your email all the documents to be filled and signed. Add the other necessary documents and mail them back to us as soon as possible.

3. Bank Account

We will take care of the documents you send to us through our Portuguese lawyers and provide you with your IBAN (account number), online access and cards.

Your First Bank Account in Portugal

Open a Bank Account

You will pay €300 when requesting your bank account. This fee covers all expenses related to the opening procedures, but you will still need to deposit the minimum amount of €250 in your bank account. The monthly fee for maintaining your account is €8.20.
  • Access to online banking via app
  • Debit cards delivered to your home
  • Access to hundreds of ATMs
Our Fee
The above amount only includes our services
NIF+NISS+Bank Account
Includes one year of tax representation (NIF)

Great Partnerships

We are a company based in Portugal and Brazil for 6 years that offers online relocation services so that you have the best experience in Portugal. We are not a bank, accountant or law firm. We act as an intermediary, facilitating the work of specialty professionals and lawyers. We recommend that you seek advices from an attorney on your particular situation. We work remotely serving clients around the world with the following tools:

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